Cydia is completely freeware developed by Mr. Jay Freeman. This tool included hundreds of applications which are not available with Apple app store. So Cydia will act like App Store with your device. All Cydia users can customize Apple device with Cydia applications. Most of these applications can give such more features which are not available with App Store.

Cydia download for your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with following download link. You can install Cydia application using third party applications. Please follow your device model based instructions to download and install Cydia application.





What is Cydia ?

Cydia application is alternative application for Apple App Store. Cydia provides free and paid apps which can use to customize your Apple device. Cydia co-founder is Jay Freeman (company SaurikIT). Cydia application can use to customize your Apple device with variety of applications.

Cydia Download iPhone

Cydia application is ready with your iPhone model. Please use above download link to install Cydia application with you Ios version. We recommend to upgrade device for latest Ios version which can use to download Cydia (Jailreak).

Cydia Download iPad

Is Cydia compatible with your iPad model ? Yes, this will be really good solution to jailbreak your device and install latest Cydia application. Most iPad models and Ios versions are compatible with Cydia installation. Follow iPad link to find your solution to install Cydia.

Cydia Download iPod Touch

iPod Touch users also have lots of benefit to install many applications with Cydia which are unable to install with App Store. These applications included much more features which are valuable with your iPod Touch. Follow me to install Cydia for your iPod Touch.

Cydia Installer Download Official

You can find all information regarding Cydia installation from official site. Cydia is free application developed for users. Paid Cydia means fake Cydia applications. So follow real method to install real Cydia application.